Rob McConnell Interviews – SEBASTIEN BLUE – Monsters and Mythology

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Monsters and Mythology – Forget vampires, Sebastien Blue revamps the YA fantasy genre with his new book, “Liquid Diamond,” a mythological and fright filled journey through a portal. Reminiscing back to his own childhood, Sebastien remembers having an early fascination with horror movies and creepy stories. It’s his theory that the thrills children experience when reading a scary story encourages them to keep reading (paging R.L Stine!). Sebastien Blue is a strong believer that, in addition to providing entertainment, young adult books should provide empowering and encouraging messages. Rising from an impoverished background, and facing struggles with dyslexia, his ultimate goal is to promote literacy and creativity. Liquid Diamond is the first novel in Sebastien’s mythology and monster based series.

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