Rob McConnell Interviews – SCOTT LEMRIEL – UFO & Extraterrestriel Phenomena

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In the past, R. Scott Lemriel was the director of 50 weekly TV shows with the titled theme “Exploring Your Spiritual Life” in Washington State. A regular host interviewed prominent guests from around the world and a segment of each show included the watching TV audience when they would call into the show and talk with the guests or offer experiences of their own relative to each show’s topics about spiritual phenomena. These topics included out-of-body travel, past life recall, dream travel, journeys along the past time track and journeys into parallel and higher dimensions. Over three decades, Scott has written numerous screenplays and related books. He recently wrote, directed, and co-produced several documentary promotional videos for THE SERES AGENDA book based upon his lifetime of direct experiences with exploring purposefully hidden truth. Page Publishing in New York officially published the book on 1-10-2014. In addition, he previously wrote THE PARALLEL TIME TRILOGY feature film screenplays and books that disclose part of the long-forgotten ancient history of Earth and our solar system starting 100,000 years ago, right before Earth’s poles flipped over 180 degrees overnight, Also revealed is that benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrials were secretly operating behind the scenes then and today. After forty years of extensive experiential research into the UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomena, and via numerous conscious out-of-body travel and bi-location explorations into parallel and higher dimensional realities, as well from journeys along the past and future time track, Scott has finally put forth THE SERES AGENDA book from among four completed book manuscripts. This is his second published work. His first publication came about after he sent a very special document he wrote to a dear woman friend named Omnec Onec for her benefit. Soon after this, he received a request from a European publisher, asking if this very special document about the discovery of new uplifting transforming energy or RAY could be published as the last culminating chapter of her about to be published autobiography titled THE VENUSIAN TRILOGY. Very shortly after giving permission, Scott accepted a contract from Page Publishing in New York to publish THE SERES AGENDA. Lemriel was originally inspired to write THE SERES AGENDA for the experiential benefit of the readers, based upon the many awareness-expanding events that occurred throughout this lifetime and which continue to this day. Eventually, these events revealed a most ancient hidden Galactic history and history of Earth and our solar system that helped to confirm the depth of purposefully hidden truth he was uncovering through direct experience – in contrast to relying upon only belief or theory. –