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It happens in a split second, that moment when genius strikes and a new idea is born. Just ask Ruta Fox. She was unemployed when her moment happened. Fox started selling diamond pinky rings to her friends, who, like her, happened to be single. She knew she was onto something special when she called it The Ah Ring™, and decided it would symbolize being “A, available and happy.” It is the first and only diamond ring designed for single women. With no business background, no financing, no experience and no help, Fox set up shop in her apartment and began to build her empire. Fate soon intervened when Oprah eatured The Ah Ring in O, The Oprah Magazine and sales soared. Fox had unknowingly tapped a potential market of 55 million single women, including Hollywood’s top single celebrities. Fox recently appeared on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, EXTRA! and numerous radio talk shows. She was also featured in Entrepreneur, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, Harper’s Bazaar and hundreds of other publications.
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