Rob McConnell Interviews – ROSALYN BERNE – Horse Communicator and Whisperer

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Rosalyn Berne – Rosalyn Berne’s life changed profoundly when she fell off a horse, and into a river in Costa Rica. After she climbed back into the saddle and began to ride again, she heard
that horse speaking to her. That was in 2012. Since then she was written two books related to horses: When the Horses Whisper recounts her early experiences as an “equine empath.” Its sequel, Waking to Beauty, is an autobiographical reflection, in which she traces the emergence of her intuitive-empathic gifts, and then details recent encounters with a mare named Beauty, and a stallion named Juano. A third book in the series is now underway: Walking with Raven tells the story of how Rosalyn came to adopt a mare named Raven, and the important life lessons that have come from their relationship. Together, with Raven, Rosalyn offers private and
small group sessions, in support of people who are seeking to bring forth their own capacity to “hear” and communicate with nature. For people who have their own horses, Rosalyn also offers on site consultations, to facilitate deeper communication between them. As a university professor Rosalyn writes and teaches about engineering and technology in society, and the ethical implications of new technological developments.