Rob McConnell Interviews – ROSA MONTAGUE – Spiritual & Planet Healer, Psychic, Tarot and More

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Rosa Montague in her own words:

“Mother of four, grandmother of five, I started studying again at the age of 35 and rekindled a childhood interest in all things Magical and Mystical.

I studied Psychology and all major religions, dithered for a year on a badly formulated ‘Health Studies’ degree, then changed my mind and worked my way through my degree in Sociology as a lone parent – and loved every minute of it! I spent 10 years working as a project worker in women’s hostels and in substance and alcohol rehab. I travelled to India to research trafficking in women and children and I have a keen understanding of women’s issues based on study and personal and professional experience.

I have been working as a Psychic Tarot Reader professionally for a number of years now and I am a qualified Spiritual Healer. My interest in Social Sciences continues and my involvement in Spiritual Progression – like most working in this Field has ‘leapt’ forward erratically in recent years. From time to time I alternate my work in Professional Consultations with other work, such as my Voluntary Work in Ghana . . it is of course all Spiritual Work, and I’m developing ways I can merge it all and be able to offer consultations from anywhere in the World. This is my Vision for the Future . . .

I like to spend any spare time I have with my Plants, getting closer to Nature, doing Traditional Crafts such as Knitting. I love walking, reading or occasionally watching TV, (if I’m feeling ‘brain dead). I am fortunate in living in the North East of England and our beautiful wild beaches and countryside have always been amongst my favourite haunts. I am however, a party animal and love to be out there, finger on the pulse – socializing with people who enjoy watching the Sun come up after a good night out! My favourite all night party however, is Summer Solstice at Stonehenge!”

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