Rob McConnell Interviews – Ronny D Dawson – UFO Experiencer, Alien Contactee and Abductee

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A Texas oil worker claims to have captured extraordinary evidence of alien life, alleging that photographs he took during an encounter with a UFO depict an extraterrestrial craft with a clearly visible pilot. The photos which have been viewed show nothing when seen by professional UFO investigators. Ronny Dawson works as an oil tanker driver, and encountered the strange UFO in 2011. Working near a set of oil tanks at night, Dawson spotted the craft as it moved over a nearby stand of trees, before its lights went out. He claims that the aliens ransacked his house the night after he pointed a small lecturer laser at their UFO. He did not call authorities, nor did he take any photos. He claims that he saw a ½ mile by ½ mile, by ½ mile UFO from a distance of ½ a mile, clearly seeing a city on the UFO – with lights on it. Again no photographic evidence to support the claim. He did not call authorities. He claims that two female extraterrestrials appeared to him in his bedroom and explained their presence. Again, no evidence or photos. The sightings and encounters started in 1911.
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