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Bob Kuehn, also infamously known as “UFO BOB” is 77 years old, grew up in Lomira, Wisconsin and has had lifelong telepathic communication with a lady named Evianna, who’s from the Pleiadian Star System and she has actually brought herself onto numerous radio shows that bob has appeared on. “UFO BOB” was transported into an extraterrestrial craft when he was 4 years old. “UFO BOB” was a professional musician, served in the army 3 years & obtained medical experience in there. “UFO BOB” has done architectural work, has had a hobby with the EAA in Oshkosh in building airplanes & is a vegetarian. “UFO BOB” has also lived in the long lake, Wisconsin area of the kettle moraine state forest and seen countless craft that he knows are of et origin. “UFO BOB” subsequently had a yearly convention started in long lake called UFO Days which will celebrate it’s 19th year in July. “UFO BOB” claims to be right on the level with what he has to state tonight.

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