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Supernatural Mysteries in the Bible – Robert Brenner is an engineer, amateur scientist, college professor, historical genealogist, and professional speaker with extensive experience in research and information publishing. A retired naval officer with distinguished service in both nuclear submarines and microelectronic research and development, he holds a bachelor’s degree (BSEE) and two master’s degrees (MSEE, MSSM). He was recognized by the Department of Defense as a pioneer in very high speed integrated circuit (VHSIC) research and development.
He is the author of 51 books including Small Business Guide to Pricing, Pricing Web Services, Pricing Tactics, Power Up! The Smart Guide to Home Solar Power, and Supernatural & Strange Happenings in the Bible: An Engineer’s Study of Scripture. In addition, he has been an instructor at the community college, university, and graduate school levels and has been a guest speaker at over 50 national conferences and symposiums. Accepting a challenge, he spent the last 10 years studying the Bible and researching supernatural and strange events recorded in Scripture. His book describing the results of his study won last year’s Christian Choice Book Award for Bible Study excellence. A futurist, he enjoys the challenge of research and is currently sharing his findings through his writing and public – presentations. www.brennerbooks.com

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