Rob McConnell Interviews – ROBERT BUETTNER – Are We Picking A Fight With An 11 Ton Alien

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Are We Picking A Fight With An 11 Ton Alien? – Robert Buettner’s best-selling debut novel, “Orphanage,” 2004 Quill Award nominee for Best SF/Fantasy/Horror novel, was called the Post-9/11 generation’s “Starship Troopers” and has been adapted for film. He was a 2005 Quill nominee for Best New Writer, and “Balance Point” is his eighth novel. Buettner ( ) is a former U.S. Army intelligence officer and a National Science Foundation Fellow in Paleontology. He was attorney of record in roughly 3,000 cases and has practiced in U.S. federal courts, administrative tribunals, and in 13 states and five foreign countries.