Rob McConnell Interviews – Randy Rogers – The Keys of Life-A Metaphysical Investigation

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Randy Rogers is a hypno-therapist specializing in past life regressions. His research into the afterlife is documented in The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation. He was professionally trained and certified as a regression therapist under Dick Stuphen, America’s leading past life hypnosis therapist . Randy’s work has taken him across the country lecturing and conducting past life regression workshops through the use of hypnosis. He’s been a featured guest on the nation’s premiere overnight radio program Coast to Coast with George Noory. Randy’s private, regression sessions have helped many to discover, understand and balance the root karmic lessons they are here to learn. Randy Rogers is also the president of TELEFILM, INC., a Bend Oregon based production company. His career spans four decades of working in the newspaper, television and motion picture industries. During that time, he covered every type of major news event from George McGovern’s 1972 election bid to the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in 1989. His company, Telefilm, has handled the promotion of some of the world’s largest motion picture productions including The Matrix, Harry Potter, Pearl Harbor, Batman, Superman, Shrek, Toy Story, Iron Man and Indiana Jones.
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