Rob McConnell Interviews – RANDAL LEIGH BROWN, (aka Jason Leigh) – Highly Unlikely UFO Sighting in Cleburne, Texas

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Jason Leigh is a member of ‘The International Space Sciences Organization,’ ‘The UFO Scientific Research Center’ and ‘The American Legion.’ He has been a UFO/Paranormal Investigator for over 30 years and worked in Broadcast TV-news and Production for almost 20 years as a live cameraman, editor, writer, ENG photographer and director. His film production company, Workhorse Productions, filmed the famed 1994, “Checks, Crooks and Counterfeits” (c) by Jason Leigh, which was used as a training film by National Food store chains, FDIC Banks and Law Enforcement Agencies in training to detect counterfeits and made National media news. It remains the ONLY such commercial training film in the world. Jason dabbled in acting, having served one year on the stage with The Repertory Theatre, completed Dr. Joe Siefifth’s School for Southern Gentlemen and having a ‘supporting cast part’ in Clint Eastwood’s movie, “The Beguiled,” directed by the late and great, Mr. Don Siegel. Jason worked as a very young man in the writing of television and radio commercials as well as recording ‘voice overs’ of accented parts–at minimum wage. He attended various Universities and City Colleges throughout the USA, making the Dean’s List for Academics and was the Editor of the Student Newspaper. He worked for NASA in the Top Security Level ‘Final Testing’ of the Space Shuttle Project, until a serious on-the-job injury ended his career. He is an Honorably Discharged U.S. Navy Veteran of the Vietnam War, having worked with the Navy SeaLs and assigned to the Hawaiian Armed Services Police. Jason Leigh is a ‘proven clairvoyant,’ of which ability, he attributes as a ‘God-given-gift.’ (for documents of proof). He is an Award Winning writer, Poet and Songwriter – with his website winning the acclaimed ‘Golden Web Award’ for seven (7) straight years. His sighting and videotaping of an ‘undisputed’ Broad-daylight UFO over Cleburne, Texas of June 11, 1995, remains “the Best Documented” case in the annals of Ufology and of scientific study. His published book (CD and e-book), “PowerGlide” details his lifelong experiences of clairvoyance and UFO sightings and contains this entire website and all published research papers and documents. He has been the guest of many of the leading radio talk show Hosts discussing paranormal topics for over 10 years.

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