Rob McConnell Interviews – NUNZIO ADDABBO – From the Assassination of JFK to UFOs

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Nunzio Addabbo is the TARGET*JFK* Capture Team “insider” with the secrets and survivor of an attempt on his life by a member of the Hit-Team who assassinated President Kennedy. He is a retired international engineering/construction management consultant on some of the largest worldwide projects. Addabbo speaks English, Spanish, Italian and some Farsi. He is an experienced technical writer, holds a U.S. pilot’s navigation patent, commendations from the National Academy of Sciences and Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and a instrument rated commercial pilot with licenses in the U.S., Canada, Chile and Iran. Addabbo, a licensed amateur radio operator, has been approved for entry into the 2002 Who’s Who in America and is a member of TROA, The Retired Officers Association and AFIO, the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

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