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Astral Healing. Psychic Warfare and Evil – Nita is an expert in removal of evil, protection from psychic warfare, soul healing, angelology, demonology, energy healing, long distance healing, astral healing, and much more. Nita has been on the web for 14 years and doing this work for 42 years. She has a good reputation and has helped many people. Nita learned about the demons and other methods to help protect others so she is an eternal student and invents methods for others to help them heal. She started being interested in psychic abilities and the occult when she was sixteen years old. She was hypnotized and found out that she had been reincarnated. They also tested Nita for psychic abilities and she was found to be a high-functioning clairvoyant. Nita was able to see what was in a desk drawer in a room next door and describe what was in a box. She described the cotton filling and a beautiful antique garnet brooch. Nita was interested in unusual subjects from that moment onward.Nita was 17 when her teachers found her and wanted her to join their mystery school. She learned from what they taught her, her mistakes, and others mistakes. She was taught earth magic and ceremonial magic at the same time. Nita studied comparative religions and many subjects in Cultural Anthropology and comparative religions. She believes this is important because these methods combined made it easier to handle different types of spiritual attacks and problems. Nita is an interfaith Minister because she believes all Gods and Goddesses are valid and that they are part of one divine force that is incomprehensible to us who are incarnated upon this earth. No one can understand God so everyone has choices in how they connect to God. This makes all belief systems valid. Yet she worships her own specific religion and can have her own beliefs so this makes it perfect for me to help others. – www.astralhealer.com

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