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Nicholas Ginex is a retired Electrical Engineer with an MBA in Finance. He worked in design and distinguished himself in the support disciplines of Maintainability and Configuration Management (CM). As CM Manager of software and hardware products at top aerospace and commercial companies, his planning and organizational skills were applied for the successful operation of entire engineering projects. During his retirement, Nicholas sang and played his guitar at senior care centers and nursing homes for their enjoyment. The smiles on their faces and joy in their eyes have been his greatest reward. His love for his children and desire to inform them about the god Amen and his influence on the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions – have motivated him to write Future of God Amen. He is presently publishing his 4th book, Amen to share personal views that provide a deeper understanding of religious dogma and the need for religious leaders to unify their belief in God. Nicholas’ objective is to reveal to people around the world that Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religious leaders must acknowledge that they all pray to the same god. It is highly necessary that they all teach the Word of God and unify their beliefs in god by revising their outdated scriptures. For religious leaders to remain passive and ignore the looming threat of a Third World War due to the bigotry, hatred, violence, and killing of innocent people that they are responsible for will result in the religions themselves to gradually crumble and die. These religions may eventually face ridicule and dissolution for not performing their mission to elevate mankind to the next level of spiritual and moral development. www.futureofgodamen.com