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A direct descendent of a signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, Morrow Wilson graduated from The Putney School and from Columbia College, where he studied English and American literature with, among others, Mark Van Doren and Lionel Trilling. Though admitted to Columbia’s Graduate School of English, he chose not to pursue an academic career.His father was a writer – a protege of Theodore Dreiser, author of some three dozen books as well as articles in every major American magazine, and a reporter for The Arkansas Gazette, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and The New York Times. Doris Grumbach devoted her entire column in The New Republic to Morrow Wilson’s first novel, M.I.M. Eliot Fremont-Smith (book critic of The Village Voice, The New York Times and, before that, Editor-in-Chief of Little-Brown) wrote about another, David Sunshine, that it is “delightful and full of truth.” And literary agent Virginia Barber described his work this way: “a wonderful writing style” with “tremendous drive and energy.”A professional playwright, theatrical producer and award-winning New York actor, as well, Morrow Wilson has written novels, plays, columns, editorials, reviews, short stories and articles. He has been an anthology, encyclopedia, and trade book editor, a publishing executive and twice a small press CEO, has appeared on every New York City broadcast television channel, nationally on Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood, on many radio talk shows, and has been cast in more than 100 New York City stage productions, numerous commercials and six New York soap operas.He has been written up in The New York Times, The New Republic, Crain’s New York Business, MORE Magazine, Show Business, The Star, The National Enquirer, The Globe, Columbia College Today and Who’s Who in America. He is a member in good standing of the Authors League of America, the Dramatists Guild and the Columbia College Resource Council for the Arts, a life member of The Actors’ Fund of America, this country’s oldest theatrical charity (recipient of its Encore Award), and a board member of The Players, this country’s oldest theatrical and literary social club.

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