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For 41 of his 55 years, Morrie Richfield has dreamed of writing and publishing books. He has finally fulfilled his ambitions with the publication of MR. BREEZE, a provocative and fast-paced novel that is both a gripping page-turner and a philosophical exploration of man’s origins and existence. “MR. BREEZE is a book about hope,” maintains Richfield. “It asks, what if everything we’ve been taught turned out to be a lie? What would we do? How would we all be judged if our maker was to suddenly appear? It asks us all to look inside ourselves and ask those questions.” Richfield, who is president of a communications equipment company in Pennsylvania, was going through a particularly rough period in his life and “I did not see a lot of good things happening in the world,” he says. “I wanted to write something that might inspire others to look for something good in the world.” One day, he says, “I just started typing, and 10 months later MR. BREEZE was done. I write as it comes out of my head. No notes. I start with ‘what if’ and go from there.”