Rob McConnell Interviews – Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Radio and TV Show

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Mitch Battros began production of his syndicated television show “Earth Changes TV” in 1995. In November 2002, he switched to radio broadcasting and presents a “live” one hour broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 PM to 10 PM (Pacific). This show can be reached from anywhere in the world via the internet. On January 3rd 1995 Mitch experienced his first ever earthquake, which measured at 5.3 magnitude near his home located in Seattle, Washington. It was almost immediately after this profound ‘shaking moment’ he knew his journey was to help people prepare for coming earth changing events. Within three months of his ‘moment of clarity’, Mitch signed up for training with the Red Cross Disaster Team, Mental Health Unit. Soon after, he also joined the Emergency Management Office and conducts field trainings. Mitch produces a multimedia presentation detailing the ongoing unfolding which evidence earth changing events are real and increasing. He also uses his seasoned background as a Certified Trauma Resolution Therapist and Emergency Management Trainer, to outline what people are likely to go through as events escalate. Mitch has become one of the leading researchers related to the Sun – Earth connection. He published his “Equation” in 1997 showing this simple to understand relationship. His unique contribution suggest for the first time, a 48 to 72 hour causal effect to “weather” measured in hours, days and weeks. This has caused the scientific community to re-calibrate their paradigm from the better known theory related to “climate”, which is measured in decades, centuries and millennia. His ongoing research in this area embraces the ancient study of Mayan and Hopi Prophecy as well as many other spiritual disciplines. On Earth Changes TV, Mitch Battros interviews the top scientists in the world on subjects related to ‘earth sciences’ and ‘space weather’. He also interviews the top minds in quantum physics, theology, and ancient text. Mitch has a gift of balancing science with what many call the “esoteric”. He is driven to display what he believes to be an undeniable connection between the old (ancient text) and the new (science.) Beginning in 1996, Mitch has lectured across the nation addressing the media’s reaction to the escalating earth changing events. He has published a very simple Equation related to the primary cause of the “record breaking” weather phenomena we are experiencing today. At the end of every lecture Mitch reminds the audience, “it is not you I am speaking to, it is your family and friends who are not here. Those of you in attendance of this event, will be least affected by the more sudden shift of physical and spiritual transition just around the corner.” –
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