Rob McConnell Interviews – MICHEL DESCHAMPS – 27 UFO Sightings in Sudbury, Ontario and Jesus “Was one of Them!”

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Tonight on The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell, Michel Deschamps a self-proclaimed UFO researcher from Sudbury, Ontario was Rob’s guest. Michel’s interest in the Paranormal started when he was very young. His interests changed to UFOs as he was very interested in science fiction. Since his youth, Michel claims to have seen 27 UFOs, including a sighting that he at first claimed he witnessed or 2 hours and then when questioned about this, he changed the sighting to 20 minutes. His investigative techniques are questionable since he does not verify sightings or landings of UFOs with Transport Canada, the Ontario Provincial Police, the Military or Coast Guard, or any other official/ governmental agencies. Michel does not trust the government. Michel believes that the Virgin Mary was artificially inseminated, Jesus was “one of them”, and the aliens have a base on the dark side of the Moon. Michel says that there are more than 50 different species of aliens visiting Earth and when asked how he knew this, he said that this is what Clifford Stone said. Well, actually Stone claims that there are 58 while others claim up to and over 82! Yes, and another “UFO Researcher” bites the dust on The ‘X’ Zone.