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Maudy Fowler was born in The Netherlands and settled in North Carolina with her family. Maudy is the author of the book, Mystic Messenger co-authored by Gail Hunt Violette, published in the States, Holland and Belgium. Together they also wrote the books A Voice for Him, Heavenly Messages and Feather Weight, published in Holland and Belgium as well. They are award winning authors of the Dutch book Heavenly Messages, with Deepak Chopra and Dr.Wayne Dyer along side nominee. Angel Whispers is the new book they have written and is available through our publisher Llewellyn.com and in the local bookstores. Angels are the links to the spirits of our ancestors in heaven. Positive messages are delivered to their loved ones left behind here on earth. She does have the gift of prophecy. She was first made aware of this gift at the age of 11. Her mother was also gifted and had the gift of healing and prophecy. Through word of mouth, people contact her from all over the world. Maudy won a literary contest award for Outstanding Achievement and Accomplishment for Women’s History Month in Oklahoma. She is an inspirational speaker and gives presentations in the States and Europe. Maudy was on Television shows in Holland on SBS-6 and RTV East and did an interview for Radio Great Falls, Montana, Radio Chicago and radio shows for WBT Charlotte, NC. Maudy and Gail had their live weekly internet radio Talk Show on LATalk. People sometimes ask, “Maudy, what did you do before all this happened?” Answer: I was a dental assistant, choreographer, managed dancingschools, make up and nail artist for a Dutch Television Network, and a chiropodist.

Gail Hunt Violette was born in New England and moved to North Carolina with her family. She met Maudy on July 26, 2000. Gail is an artist and has sold original paintings, plus prints privately. She also designed and developed an Arts and Music Camp for children. Further, she has produced award-winning videos and is an avid photographer. Maudy chose Gail to accompany her on this journey because Gail is able to bridge spirituality with basic core beliefs in a Higher Being. Together, based upon their books they give presentations to teachers, law enforcement, people in the medical field psychologists, psychiatrists, caregivers and business personnel on all levels. Gail has worked in the realm of Religious Education for over 20 years, with the sole purpose of bringing people to self-realization through positive thinking, spirituality and the power of prayer. While working in this environment, she has given motivational presentations. Some of them are: A National Presentation to Media Specialists at UCLA; In-service sessions for Teachers, Diocese of Pittsburgh; and a National gathering of Educators in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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