Rob McConnell Interviews – MARY BETH LAWTON – The Medium Who Photographs Spirits of The Otherside

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Mary Beth Lawton is the only medium in the world who can film spirits and speak with them during the daytime. Every photo or video she takes has a ghost, spirit, elemental, native Indian soul, spirit, or the deceased soul of a human or animal. She has been able to capture as many as over 100 spirits in one photo. Not only can she show ghosts in the daytime, but she also makes you see them too. Literally, She is a spirit magnate and she carries a message from the other side that no one has ever seen. Mary Beth donates her time and effort to finding the missing or lost and rescuing animals. As a psychic knower, Mary Beth has given thousands of readings for free, sight unseen as far away as India, Indonesia, Europe and Southeast Asia, Scotland, etc. Mary Beth prefers to give readings sight unseen, or not know anything about the person prior to the reading.
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