Rob McConnell Interviews – MARLA LARUE – UFO Experiencer and Alien Abduction or Fraud?

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Marla LaRue claims that she had a UFO hovering over her house while an Alien probe was in her living room and then she claims that her, her boyfriend and their cat were abducted by Aliens and when they came to, when she looked up, she saw the roots of trees and believes they were in an underground base…probably Area 51. Upon their return to her home, the boyfriend was face down on the waterbed and he had no recall of any alien abduction. The cat was there and there was an odor of antifreeze in the house. In both cases she did not call the authorities – but claims to have filed a report with the NUFORC. She then joined an Encounters group in Pine bush which called in Bud Hopkins. He came to the group, recorded the encounter groups stories, but she heard nothing more. When further questioned on the encounters, alien abductions and encounter group, she decided to hang up.

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