Rob McConnell Interviews – MARGARET BYL – Paranormal Investigator

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A member of Amateur Spirit Seekers, and President of Mar-Lee Enterprises Inc.; the organizers of G.H.O.S.T.S – a Paranormal Conference and Trade Show in the Niagara Peninsula. Margaret has been giving private tarot and tea leaf readings from her home for the more than 25 years; is a certified reflexologist and has trained in energy work. She has documented a number of investigations in Canada, and the United States on her own and with Amateur Spirit Seekers as well as participating in a number of “ghost hunts” with internationally acclaimed author, Fiona Broome, founder of Hollow Hill, both in the USA and in England. A retired grape-grower, Margaret is the 2nd Vice-president of the Lincoln County District and the 2nd Vice-president of the Virgil Branch of the Federated Women’s Institute of Ontario. Interested in history and historical research, she is also a member of the Friends of Fort George and the Niagara Historical Society. – and