Rob McConnell Interviews – LYNNE NUSYNA – Master Healer and Teacher

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Master Lynne Nusyna is honored to be a senior certified Master Teacher personally trained by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Master Lynne holds a Master’s Degree, M.Ed, in Education and Counseling and has had a successful practice as a counselor/coach for many years. Known as a true ‘thought leader’ she worked in the corporate and government sectors as a Director of Education and a Management and Organizational Change Consultant. Her efforts have transformed many lives and organizations. Master Lynne is the founder of Master Sha’s Tao Centre in Toronto (2010). She offers service throughout the Greater Toronto area, and remotely worldwide, as a spiritual teacher, health practitioner and counselor. She is a powerful dynamic speaker and facilitator. Her spiritual communication abilities are just one of many gifts that provide extraordinary insight into the journeys of all that come to her workshops and personal consultation. Her ‘psychic’ skills are considered very advanced and very accurate. Many, many people have overcome their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges achieving greater peace, abundance, wellness, and happiness because of her dedicated service.