Rob McConnell Interviews – LYNN ANDREWS AND ROBERT TAYLOR – Sacred Vision Oracle Cards

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Lynn Andrews and Robert Taylor – This deck connects the lessons of balance and harmony with gorgeous Native American artwork by celebrated artist Robert Taylor. This stunning package includes 29 full color cards along with a 128-page guidebook that shepherds’ readers on a journey to achieving inner peace. Andrews has been writing and teaching for over 30 years, and her fan base has clamored for a new, more advanced follow up to The Power Deck. Andrews has responded with a deck that allows readers to discover their destiny, live their dreams, and follow the oracle to find true peace in their lives.

An oracle can be anything that awakens a vision or a voice of wisdom that helps you find your way to your own truth and harmony in life. Lynn explains, “Robert Taylor and I believe strongly that the most profound voice of vision and wisdom that you will ever experience is the voice that comes from within you and speaks of what is real and true for you—truths that you may not even know you carry until you see or read something that awakens them. Then you become your own oracle, because you have embraced the voice of wisdom that is part of you, connecting you with God and all of life rather than keeping you separate and apart.”