Rob McConnell Interviews – Linda Backes – A Radiant Life Center for Body, Mind, and Spirit

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Fifteen years ago, when faced with debilitating symptoms and invasive treatment, Linda took a sick leave from teaching high school and made a bold decision to reject traditional medicine. Instead, Linda turned to alternative treatments for healing. On pure faith, she embarked upon a journey which introduced her to the amazing power of homeopathy, cleansing, meditation, yoga and other natural modalities. Her own unique energy surfaced as a result of her healing, and when she was introduced to Reiki, Linda experienced a profound emotional and spiritual shift. From that moment, Linda knew she had to share her knowledge and abilities with others. That was and remains her inspiration for opening A Radiant Life Center for Body, Mind & Spirit. As a Reiki Master, Linda offers treatments that reduce stress and promote healing. She often incorporates crystal energy and essential oils in her sessions. In addition, she teaches Reiki classes for all levels, including workshops for other Masters, and conduct guided meditations. Linda enjoys giving readings using the amazing Mystical Fochaadams. Eileen Connelly, a well known producer of Tarot decks, channeled this unique form of symbology as a tool of guidance over ten years ago. During a reading she integrates energy and perception and relate the meaning of these symbols which reveal past, present and future trends and influencing energies surrounding the querent. Linda provides personal readings over the phone and also as an exhibiter and presenter at Body, Mind, Spirit Expos. In addition to Reiki and readings, Linda has been gifted as a channel of Light Body Activations, which raise one’s ability to hold higher energetic vibrations. This is a specialized attunement, which assists the client in profound ways. She also provides individual consultations and public presentations which focus on a variety of topics such as current Spiritual energies and the use of safe, natural products for the body and home. –
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