Rob McConnell Interviews – LEO SELZER – On the Search of the Elusive Bigfoot

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Bigfoot – They live all over BC and for that matter all over North America as well. Many other parts of the World also enjoy their presence , and have given them many different names according to what Country or part of the World they are living in. They are large peaceful creatures. Curious about us and the things that we do. They don’t seem to mean us any harm. If they did , there would be attacks taking place all the time, but that just isn’t happening. They just seem to like to observe us, or study us. I wonder if they actually learn anything from us ; probably more than we think ! Native Indian legend has referred to them as being a People. The more I get to know about Sasquatch, the more I tend to start believing this myself. The shape of their body is like us, just larger ; they walk and move like us ; they seem to have a language for communicating. People who have seen them up close say that the face is just like that of a human, only covered with hair. They seem to have an amazing intelligence. A young girl said to me one time that maybe they are just a big hairy Caveman that didn’t get to be like the rest of us. Children will sometimes come up with an explanation for things that can get you to wondering. One thing I do know is that it is hard to consider these things to be human but it is even harder to consider them to just be an ape, because they have very little in common with apes and a tremendous amount in common with Humans.

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