Rob McConnell Interviews – LARRY PANCHUK – Explorer, Roswell UFO, Mayans, Ancient Ruins

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From the mind of Panchuk, Nicola Tesla builds his first radio and wants to transmit back to a signal coming from space. Something is triggered in an experiement, that is the final answer to man’s questions about the universe, but governments don’t understand it. Years later 2 divers find a control box that is the key and now they are hunted down by their own government. AL and Jace are on their first big mission to discover the truth about our history, but can they live long enough to find out the real meaning behind it all ? This book is riddled with real events that are still a mystery to this day. From the 1908 explosion in Siberia to the Jungles of Columbia this one will keep you on the edge ! A best READER by reviews from around the reading world.

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