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Ashley Pollock – So, just who is Ashley – who calls herself a witchcrafter?

It probably began when Ashley was a child in her backyard. She saw a bumblebee – was convinced that it was a faery – caught the bumblebee – and, of course, found out that it wasn’t a faery. That didn’t stop Ashley from believing in magic – instead, it led to a lifelong belief in all things magical.

Magic is with us everyday – it isn’t just the realm of magic practitioners, witches, or wicca – it’s also the realm of ordinary, everyday people.

Think about a time when you saw a rainbow that took your breath away. Think about the time when you were mesmerized by an ant or bird or lizard – anything nature. Think about the time when someone did something and you were profoundly moved. All those experiences are magic and magical – and whether they are momentary or longer – you’ve been touched by magic.

Ashley is a “white” witch and practices as a solitary witch, which means: – that she practices independently & eclectically – that she doesn’t belong to a Wiccan coven or Wiccan tradition, and – that her worship of the Goddess is individual and unique.

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