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Ken Cherry is a former Texas State MUFON director, author and investigator who left MUFON claiming that they were holding back resources from him and that MUFON had been infiltrated by the intelligence community. Throughout his years of experience, with no investigative training or evidence collection techniques, except that by MUFON, he is most fascinated with the 2008 Stephenville UFO event and sightings. He is the author of the fictional novel MARC SLADE INVESTIGATES: The Stephenville UFO which serves to leak truths of Ken’s very own experience while investigating the Stephenville UFO event. Radar tracks described in his novel were researched by a meteorologist and not a commercial or military radar op. He also claims that unidentified whistle blowers and black op purse string holders have given him information that he has used in his book as well. More questions than answers. He believes that the ETs are working with the government and reverse engineering is real….well, according to his sources, to which he has not been given any evidence.

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