Rob McConnell Interviews – KEITH KORNELL – Super Born

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Writing has always been a passion of Keith Kornell, author of Super Born. He has been writing since he was a twelve year old boy writing Secret Agent short stories in his room, imagining he was James Bond. Super Born was a work of pure inspiration that has created a new genre of novels…the super hero novel. Kornell says “My alter ego, the narrator of the book, comes from an unknown area of my brain, as he bears no similarity to me, yet I cannot stop writing in his voice.” Writing has reemerged in the last few years as the focus of his life. His love for writing took a back seat to his career in business and his family for a number of years. Super Born is Kornell’s third novel and the first published with Audacious Press. He also published a children’s book The Big Big Game in 2002. Kornell is also the founder and owner of Crown and Kornell, Corporation, a firm focusing on developing green operations which does business throughout the US and Canada. Kornell is currently developing a wind farm in Central Pennsylvania. Kornell is a graduate of John Carroll University. He lives with his wife and son in Chardon, Ohio and spends his limited spare time writing, sculpting and in creating video productions. –

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