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As an Author, Speaker and MindBody Coach, June Hyjek offers comfort and encouragement through her books, meditations and workshops to people who are experiencing the challenges life can offer, leading them to a place of peace and grace. Her philosophy on managing pain and stress emphasizes the emotional impact of those challenges, and the importance of creating physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

juneJune is a graduate of the Advanced Training Program from the Center for MindBody Medicine, with a focus on mindbody therapies for managing pain and stress. In addition to her training at the Center, she is a Certified Hypnotherapist with the American Alliance of Hypnotists. June has also studied and continues to practice a wide variety of meditation techniques, including mindfulness, transcendental, Chi Kung, chanting and mantras, as well as many Buddhist and Hindu practices.

Personally, June deals with debilitating complications from Scoliosis and has moved through the physical and emotional pain of seven spine surgeries, finding healing through mindbody approaches and the loving support of others. Her personal experience provides the passion for her work and her speeches, which offer inspiration and hope for achieving and maintaining wellness.