Rob McConnell Interviews – JOHN MILOR – Aliens, Ancient Astronauts, UFOs, Are in The Bible

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John Milor is an author of 13 published books, and is mostly known for his pioneer research in the emerging field of Christian Ufology –a combination of ancient astronaut theory and end-times prophecy. He has been researching this field for over 25 years. Milor’s interest in understanding the paranormal began at a young after hearing his great grandmother’s tale of seeing a UFO about 100 years ago. His great grandmother’s tale is unique because she was the wife of a minister. This story and many other otherworldly encounters in his family have fueled Milor’s quest to research the paranormal. Milor’s latest book, Christian Ufology, was recently selected to be featured in the New York Times. Milor cranked out two more books this year, The Book of Wars, Legend of the Prophetess, which won an award for historical fiction, and The Paranormal Christian, which he offers as a free electronic copy to anyone who emails him at

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