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John Michael Greer is an American author, independent scholar, historian of ideas, cultural critic, Neo-druid leader, Hermeticist, environmentalist/conservationist, blogger, novelist, and occultist/esotericist who currently resides in Cumberland, Maryland after living in Ashland, Oregon for a number of years. He was raised in a nonreligious family. Greer graduated from Western Washington University in 1983, and from the University of Washington with an B.A. in the Comparative History of Ideas in 1993. He currently serves as the Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America, a position he has held since 2002. His first book, Paths of Wisdom, a study of the Golden Dawn system of Qabalah, was published in 1996. Greer has since written, edited, and/or translated many other books on numerous subjects and topics, including multiple encyclopedias. Some of Greer’s more recent books include an exploration of UFO phenomena, multiple titles on Druidism and Western esoterica, along with the predicted overall effects of the post-industrial age and associated resource depletion on human culture in the future. Greer has also written extensively about “peak oil” and other forms of expected resource shortages which he believes will eventually bring about fundamental changes in many societies around the world for generations to come. In addition Mr. Greer maintains an interest in historical hermetic philosophical teachings. This historical interest led him to translate the Historic rapier treatise of Girard Thibault. Mr. Greer has taught several classes on the philosophical and practical teachings of Girard Thibault in partnership with the fencing school Academia Duellatoria. – www.thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com