Rob McConnell Interviews – John and Bea Brugge – World Paranormal Investigations

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World Paranormal Investigations – John and Bea Brugge are the Founders/Presidents of World Paranormal Investigations, LLC. The organization was founded in July of 2004. They organized the team with a couple of friends in the United Kingdom. The thought was that 2 separate countries could join together and investigate reports of the paranormal. Since 2004, they have conducted over 200 investigations. Their first major case was The Roff Home AKA the Watseka Wonder House in Watseka, Illinois. It is the location of the very first reported case of possession in the United States. John and Bea have traveled to the United Kingdom investigating locations in the West Midlands. In the early 90’s Bea traveled to London, England where she was able to visit the location of Stonehenge. World Paranormal Investigations uses both scientific and spiritual methods of investigating.
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