Rob McConnell Interviews – JENNIFER STEIN – UFOs, Alien Abductions and Travis Walton

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Travis Walton – One of the most questionable UFO / abduction events in UFO times — Travis Walton’s 1975 experience is retold in a new “documentary” of one man’s alleged trauma and transition after a mysterious beam of light strikes him unconscious and allegedly beams him aboard a UFO.

The 21 year-old logger from Snowflake Arizona allegedly disappeared for five days, igniting a firestorm of controversy aimed at the logging crew who were the last to see him in the forest.

TRAVIS combines some new and archived interviews with the logging crew, police, and the polygraph examiner and Walton explains how the forest, the highway, and the phone booth remain emotional triggers.

Fifteen handpicked / pro UFO “experts” explain why this story continues to ask questions by investigators, researchers¬¬, astrophysicists, journalists, and filmmakers in their quest for possible “evidence” of beings and flying craft.

Fact or fiction – you be the judge.

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