Rob McConnell Interviews – JAY LANE – Medium

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Medium Jay is a radiantly outgoing person who absolutely loves life and everything that goes with it. She has an incredible ability to sense the spirit world around her, “tattle-talers” as she calls them. “They,” the spirits, are your loved ones who essentially never really go far away after they cross over.

“I love my connection to the other side,” she claims. “My mother always told me that things happened for a reason but couldn’t tell me why they did. So I simply started trusting myself with what it was I felt, sensed, and heard. The rest is history.
Jay Lane remembers that she had to be quiet about her abilities growing up due to the embarrassment it caused her family. “I had to shut most of my life because of it. Now, you can’t shut me up!”

Jay has this incredible ability to connect via clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. She’s just truly connected! Those who have had the pleasure of meeting her are “amazed” at what comes out of her mouth”.

Jay’s popularity began a few years ago, when she decided to leave a 22-year government job to pursue her true calling in life and her love of mediumship. “It was hard for me to come out of my spiritual closet, I’ve always had to repress my feelings, but I had to face who I am, and could no longer deny it.” Her mother’s death had a great effect on her decision to pursue a career as a psychic medium. –