Rob McConnell Interviews – JAY CALIENDO – Medical Intuitive and Doctors of Oriental Medicine

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Jay Caliendo is a Medical Intuitive that through his gift of insight, allows him to conduct health readings on individuals. He is the first and only Medical Intuitive to be published in peer-reviewed medical journals. His first publication made history by appearing in the December of 2000 medical journal, Society of Integrative Medicine. He is one of the few in his field to have earned the trust of physicians which has led him to this publication, and in January of 2005, Jay Caliendo achieved even greater status within the medical profession by being published in a second medical journal, The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Jay Caliendo’s God-given gift as a medical intuitive allows him to be one of the few to work with conventional medical doctors and naturopathic physicians, acupuncturists, alternative healers and Doctors of Oriental Medicine. He works extensively at helping these physicians diagnose some of their more complicated cases by reading the patients energy fields, some of these readings have been published in his first book. Even though Jay’s ability to see and read human energy fields is considered to be integrative, he is considered among traditional medical doctors as one of the finest and most accurate mainstream medical intuitives.

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