Rob McConnell Interviews – JAN AND DAN POTTER – Survival Story of 911

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In a desperate effort to escape the collapse of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, Jean and her co-workers knew that there was no other option to survive. At this moment, Jean’s story of survival began, and her husband’s, too. Serving as a New York City firefighter, Jean’s husband, Dan, was a first responder to the scene. Anguished by the fate of his wife, but with a duty to serve his city, Dan was determined to fight for not only his life, but all those that he could during the 9/11 attacks. Against all odds, Jean and Dan survived and now live to share their incredible story of survival both during and after the terrorist attacks. Helped told by Rob Kaplan, By the Grace of God is Jean’s story about the traumatic events of that day and the extraordinary effect it had on both of their lives-having to cope with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder; moving because they could no longer live in a home haunted by three thousand ghosts; giving up their jobs and leaving the city they had grown to love. –

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