Rob McConnell Interviews – JAMES ABBOTT – The Outsider’s Guide to UFOs

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Following a short scholarship to Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, Abbott completed a bachelor’s degree in politics and economics at the University of York, England and later researched a master’s thesis at the University of Cambridge on global trade in the aerospace industry. His career has encompassed time in the aerospace sector, marketing, university teaching and commercial research. He’s written and contributed to around a dozen academic books on political theory, business, several editions on applied economics, and countless lengthy reports including a good few on the aerospace industry. His greatest professional love is research; having the view that there aren’t that many jobs in which one gets paid for having fun, but that’s what research is like for him. Abbott is a member of the Market Research Society, the Chartered Institute for Human Resources, and the British Interplanetary Society, and lives with his wife in Yorkshire, England. Website:

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