Rob McConnell Interviews – GUY MALONE – Roswell UFO Incident and Operation Paper Clip

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Guy Malone – Guy Malone began work in the field of “Ufology” with the 1997 publication of “Come Sail Away : UFO Phenomenon & The Bible,” a book which detailed his very personal experiences of so-called “alien abduction” and comparisons of the phenomena to that of demonic activity. The mass suicide of the group known as Heaven’s Gate served as motivation for Guy to become public with his experiences and views, in hopes of preventing further such tragedies in the future.
In 1999 he moved to Roswell, New Mexico as a missionary researching UFO cults. He soon teamed with Joseph Jordan ( of Cocoa Beach Florida, a State Section Director for MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network) who independently began publishing accounts of “alien abduction” experiences stopping in prayer through Jesus’ name.
Roswell proved to be an ideal location for bringing more exposure to their mutual findings, and to take their message to UFO-themed events nationwide. Together they have presented dozens of public lectures and interviews offering hope to people experiencing the torment of alleged “visitations,” as well as compelling evidence that the “alien abduction” phenomena is indeed spiritual in its nature and origin, opposed to being genuine “extraterrestrial” visitations.

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In 2000, Malone opened “Alien Resistance HQ” in Roswell, as a clearinghouse of books and videos on the subjects of UFOs and Aliens by other published Christian authors. In 2003, he organized his first (of seven) “Ancient of Days” conferences held in Roswell, inviting both Christian and non-Christian researchers to present their findings to the public, and to “compare notes” amiably discussing their research together.

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