Rob McConnell Interviews – FRED FOGARTY – City of the Dead Tours, Edinburgh, Scotland

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Fred Fogarty – ‘Colorful freak,’ tour guide, storyteller, general dogsbody, and in charge of guide training, he’s been working with City of the Dead tours for over a decade.

City of the Dead Tours has been named ‘Britain’s Best Ghost Walk’ by, Yahoo! Travel, and Virgin Media, ‘Best Ghost Tour’ by Scare Tours and recommended by Lonely Planet as ‘Edinburgh’s Best Ghost Tour.’ But Fred didn’t know any of this until he looked it up on the interwebs.

Fred has been taking people into the Covenanters’ Prison and the ‘Black Mausoleum’ in Greyfriars Graveyard, home of the infamous Mackenzie Poltergeist, and in to the South Bridge Vaults (Edinburgh’s ‘underground city’), the most concentrated areas of sightings in a city already fabled for its hauntings.

It’s his job to stay calm when people finish tours with scratches, bite marks, bruises, welts, vomit or end up passing out. It’s also his job to make up reassuring answers when asked, “So how long does this last for?”

If someone told Fred 30 years ago that there was a job where he could make adults and children cry in fear and with laughter simultaneously, present with numerous inexplicable minor injuries, and get paid for it, he’d have laughed you out of town.