Rob McConnell Interviews – DR. NAIOMI ROBERTSON – After Daddy Died

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DR NAIOMI ROBERSON – Principles To Live By – Dr. Naomi Roberson is an Organizational Psychologist, an author and a Motivational Speaker who has also been a Talk Show Host on Cable Television for over 19 years. Her show can be viewed in Chicago and in 67 cities and towns in the outlying areas. Dr. Roberson received a doctorate degree in Organizational Psychology and a doctorate degree in Divinity, a Master of Science degree in Management, a Bachelor of Arts and Applied Science degree in Behavioral Science, and an Associate degree in Accounting. She is a certified teacher for the Chicago Public Schools and is also certified in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention. Dr. Roberson is also certified as a television producer/director/editor, and is a licensed and ordained minister. From 1991 through 2004 Roberson was an energetic, savvy entrepreneur who orchestrated several programs and established businesses for her clients. Roberson was the CEO of her own accounting and management consulting firm with an office on North Michigan Avenue and office in the Pill Hill area in Chicago. She provided training programs for the youth with the Mayor of Chicago’s Kid Start Program, and hired employees through Public Aid’s Work Release Program; she has been a business administrator for several types of corporation, including profit and non profit. Roberson was the Founder and CEO for a business training center with a certificate program that was approved by the Illinois State Board of Education; she implemented a summer camp program for children ages 5 through 17, a women’s network resource center, the Virtuous Woman Award, and she is the Publisher/Managing Editor of her own newsletter. Roberson assisted in establishing several businesses for entrepreneurs including over 25 churches in Chicago and in the outlying areas. She held monthly business seminars to train entrepreneurs how to thrive and survive in the community and worked under a city program to train senior citizens on how to use the computer. Roberson was the Academic Dean for the School of Biblical and Ministerial Studies, launched a homeless outreach program, feed and clothe the homeless, provided counselling and referral services for women who were abused, and has authored several books, poems and articles. Roberson and her husband has over 10 years’ experience in “Flipping Houses” where they established a rehab apprentice program for training young men and women ages 18 to 25 years of age. No matter what project Dr. Roberson was working on she still found the time to make her family her first priority. Roberson was employed in the Finance Department and the Pritzer School of Medicine at the University of Chicago, she was the Director of Finance for a Domestic Violence Agency, taught College, school of ministry, held annual conferences and open forums for women to empower them with employment skills and self-esteem and was employed in a couple of mental health facilities. Roberson has written, implemented and taught several seminars to educate the community. After surviving an abusive childhood Roberson decided to rebuild her life and give her labour of love to the youth, woman who are hurting, and to the community. She is a woman who cares about people and gives from her heart. Dr. Roberson is the quintessential leader who has a wealth of knowledge and experience to serve the people. She says that, “Bringing my gifts and talents to better the community is where I function best because my knowledge, experience and academic background are larger than just working for a small or medium size firm.” “I’ve worked on both sides of the desk and this has granted me the privilege to understand human resources with the dynamics of directly targeting the appropriate problem-solving techniques.” “Having a background in finances, management, behavioural science, management and psychology has further added to the success of my career because it has allowed me to incorporate my “People Skills” to understand the needs of others.” –

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