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James Houran, Ph.D., is a 25+ year veteran in applied psychological research, parapsychology, and a published expert on ghosts, haunts, and poltergeists. He has authored over 150 articles, and his award-winning work has been profiled by a myriad of media outlets and programs including the Discovery Channel, A&E, BBC, National Geographic, NBC’s Today Show, the BBC, USA Today, New Scientist, and Psychology Today. He serves as adjunct faculty at the Laboratory for Statistics and Computation, ISLA – Instituto Politécnico de Gestão e Tecnologia (Lisbon, Portugal) and a member of the editorial boards for the Journal of the Society of Psychical Research and the Australian Journal of Parapsychology. He is also editor of the popular academic textbooks, Hauntings and Poltergeists: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (2001, McFarland & Co.) and From Shaman to Scientist: Essays on Humanity’s Search for Spirits (2004, Scarecrow Press).