Rob McConnell Interviews – DR. GEORGE SCHWIMMER – Oswald & Kennedy, The Whole Story

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The extraordinary never-before-told unique account of the JFK assassination, with information culled from the investigations of hundreds of expert assassination researchers over the past sixty years, painting a picture of the life and activities of the man calling himself “Lee Harvey Oswald” (a deep cover ONI and CIA agent and FBI informant) and explosive facts of what actually happened on November 22, 1963 in Dallas.

This exposé reveals that there were at least eight shooters firing at JFK and eighteen shots, including four shots to JFK’s head, along with the bogus autopsy of his body.

Names are named, including: 1) the shooters, 2) enablers, 3) planners and controllers, and 4) the top instigators of the murder plot, revealing a massive conspiracy and cover up.
A large group of assassination facts, not theories – collected over a period of fifteen years – are presented in this stunning volume by George Schwimmer, Ph.D.

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