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This well-researched book reveals that there were two men who went by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald. The real Lee Oswald was one of eight killers firing at JFK in Dallas, the other ‘Oswald’, ‘Harvey’, was a field agent for the ONI, CIA, and FBI, used first as a ‘defector,’ then as a ‘Castro lover’ and informer, finally as a doomed patsy. The author’s riveting account demonstrates that ‘Harvey’ did not own a rifle or pistol, could not have shot at JFK, could not have killed police officer J.D. Tippit, and was ‘framed,’ first by the CIA, then Dallas police and the FBI, lastly by the Warren Commission, in what was the most shameful political episode in American history. Richard Nixon once told an aide that the cover-up of President Kennedy’s assassination was the greatest hoax ever! – www.georgeschwimmer.com

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