Rob McConnell Interviews – DR DANEEN PETERSEN – Stop the North American Union

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Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D., an author who writes and speaks about the coming North American Union (NAU). Her articles, published on a variety of online news Journals, and Chronicles are heavily researched and referenced with ‘clickable’ URLs that will take the reader directly to the source material. Her accompanying photos and graphics add to her vivid exposés. At one time she was a professor at both Temple and Jefferson Universities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she taught behavioral science research methodology and statistics. After leaving academia, she created and directed the first Department of Research and Program Evaluation for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America’s National Office in Philadelphia, PA, where she worked with some 512 agencies in all fifty states. Dr. Peterson is currently researching and writing on the issue of the One World Order and the United States Government’s covert and illegal acts to create a North American Union without the Constitutionally required consent of Congress or informing ‘We the People.’ She has been an invited guest on many talk radio programs and makes personal appearances to discuss her in-depth research to expose the brazen, surreptitious, and treasonous acts by our own government to force us into a North American Union. A North American Union that will be a carbon copy of the European Union (EU) which will end our Constitutional Republic, Bill of Rights, legal system and freedoms. Working in secret, our Executive Branch is ‘harmonizing’ our ALL of our regulatory laws with Mexico, a corrupt oligarchy, and Canada, a socialist parliamentary system. Their goal . . . a totalitarian police state. All of her articles can be found archived on the