Rob McConnell Interviews – DR. CHRISTOPHER MACKLIN – Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Transhumanism

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Christopher Macklin is an spiritual and metaphysical lecturer, author, remote viewer who shares his insights in the fields of spirituality, health and wellness and the paranormal. His topics includes SADS, 5G’s and the affects on the public, UFO’s, The Galactic Federation, raising the immune system, Divine Sovereignty, Cause and Effect of Illness, lectures on theaphysical, spiritual and emotional guide to health & wellness.
Born as a highly aware psychic child in Chester, England, Christopher Macklin was able to perceive energy fields, spirit activity and multi-dimensional phenomena from a very young age. His life as a successful aviation industry engineer came to an abrupt end when a failed real estate venture caused a series of financial difficulties that resulted in Christopher living out of the back of his car, homeless on the streets of Manchester, England. In a very short period of time, Christopher found the world as he knew it turned upside down. Newly divorced, his money all gone and unable to get a job, he began to understand that the Divine had other plans for him. In a pivotal moment sitting in a square in Manchester with nothing to call his own and nowhere to go, he promised himself and God that he would use his healing abilities to serve and he surrendered the rest to God.