Rob McConnell Interviews – DR BRYAN CARLILE – Immortal Dying

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Dr. Bryan Carlile has appeared on radio, specific to UFOs and alien encounters. His novel, Romancing Jehovah, explores the true origins of human civilization, which pairs the author’s study of early civilization and religion with an artistic leap of faith to construct a genesis story unlike anything you’ve ever read. His first-hand knowledge of the unexplained demonstrates his awareness of things not available to common perception. These experiences have shaped and moulded his life. He latest work, Immortal Dying, exposes ancient Egyptian Gods, and their other-worldly influences, to the world and their effect on humanity as a whole. Dr. Carlile is an expert in the fields of religion and the unexplained, consisting of, but not limited to; Spirituality, Extra Terrestrials, Paranormal Phenomenon, and Religious Experiences. –

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