Rob McConnell Interviews – DR. ANNE SPECKHARD – The Bride of Isis

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The State Department has fully admitted that Islamic terrorists are posing as refugees to seek entrance into the United States. Spokesman John Kirby admits that they are seeing Islamic State terrorists inserting themselves into refugee populations overseas in the hopes of entering the U.S.

With all this uncertainty surrounding refugees it makes one wonder why Obama would put countries at risk. Just days after the New York and New Jersey bombings Obama asked world leaders to accept more refugees. Are we putting our country at risk by accepting large numbers of refugees and just how strict is the vetting process for said refugees? Is there a safe way to ensure that we are not allowing terrorists into the U.S.?

Dr. Anne Speckhard, Director of the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism, Georgetown University Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry and World Renowned Expert on the Psychology of Terrorism has interviewed nearly five hundred terrorists and also survivors of terror attacks and hostage takings. She is currently interviewing ISIS defectors and developing a counter-terrorism program to fight ISIS in the social media space. She has the insight to breakdown the inner workings of a terror operation and the psychology behind it.