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Douglas James Cottrell is a Canadian psychic or trance clairvoyant, healer and author. A writer and journalist once referred to Douglas as “the only authenticated successor to the Edgar Cayce phenomenon.” Often, Douglas’s Deep Trance Meditation style is compared to that of Edgar Cayce, one of the most-documented intuitives of our century. In fact, the media has dubbed Douglas, “Canada’s Edgar Cayce.” Douglas is among a select few who are able to genuinely demonstrate a variety of different mental/spiritual abilities: remote viewing, clairvoyance, prediction, prophecy, communication with disembodied souls, dream interpretation, aura seeing and interpretation, and spiritual healing. Yet Douglas is quite humble when discussing these amazing abilities. He asserts that anyone can learn to express such abilities themselves, to varying degrees. Premonition, precognition, prediction and prophecy all represent various creative aspects of the human Soul. To read how Douglas learned to develop these abilities – www.douglasjamescottrell.com

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